Dec 6, 2010

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sometimes i think too much. at that moment i get lost in my thoughts.
that feeling scares me, but it also comforts me.
i think of all sort of things. material things.
like shells. what are they?
do they sleep?
do they eat?
do they belong to anyone?

and why are so many of them broken?
doesn't that hurt?
shells have feelings too, right?

oh yes, i bet they do!


  1. This is perfect, i thought exactly the same this summer whilst walking along the beach collecting shells :) i turned in to a child and starting questioning everything about them, wondering who they belonged to before hand ;)

  2. Hello sweet Fleur,
    There are so many questions we could ask about precious objects having feelings.
    Indeed, shells are magical forms and I also wonder how they feel!
    Beautiful post.:)
    Jo. xxx

  3. lovely photo i think that objects have feelings i know that it sounds stupid but i usually apologise to inanimate objects for walking into them or standing on them or dropping them (I'm quite clumsy) xx

  4. Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you like my pictures! :)
    Wow, you're so talented, the headband is awesome, love it :)

    And the picture is perfect, I love the colors!

  5. Wat schrijf je leuk, die foto is mooi !