Feb 28, 2014


Hello there! Another outfit post hihi :) 
I love dressing feminine. I NEVER wear trousers, just because I don't like them. You'll only see me in dresses and skirts. It feels so girly and comfy. And yeah, I just love being a girl :)

 Flower headband!!


Last week I wrote some letters to some of my friends. Having penpals is one of the nicest things ever! Writing letters, decorating them with stickers or putting little presents in the envelope...I just adore it. And oh, the excitement when you come home and you see a shiny envelope on the floor, ready the be opened and to fill the floor with glitter. Just lovely.
I wrote my friends to ask them if they want to participate in creating some neat things for Holy Glitter Zine. I hope they will, because I would like to put other people's creations in the zine.

If you want to participate as well, please send me an e-mail: lovelyswans@gmail.com. More info about the zine will come sooooooon

Feb 24, 2014

Sunday Morning

Oh how I love Sunday mornings! It's the perfect moment for doing things you wanted to do the whole week, but couldn't do because you were too busy (grown-up world ggrrr). Here are some pictures of the things I did last Sunday.

  Attached some of my DIY brooches on a blue jean jacket

 Made my disposable camera much more attractive (MY LITTLE PONY STICKERS!!!)
Finally finished some new flower crowns

I also went to a festival which was located in an old factory, which looked sooo cool! It was a festival with dance and electro music. I don't really like that kind of music, but I had to do some promotion work over there and I don't mind going to a festival for free :)
Anyway, I also watched Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring this weekend. And Lost in Translation. And Somewhere. And all-time favorite The Virgin Suicides. I guess I just adore Sofia Coppola's work, there's no other reason for watching all her movies in just one weekend.
And here are some outfit pictures with the DIY denim jacket I just wanted to share with you. I want to share more outfit posts, just because I really like showing my (mostly DIY) outfits :)

❤Don't mind the silly faces❤


And by the way, I've decided and I'm going to create an online zine for teenage girls. It will be called


and I will share some ideas for it with you next time! If you want to participate in creating the zine or if you got some cool ideas, please tell me in the comments! I would like to put it in the zine :)

Feb 16, 2014

Hello there! 
I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I've found my magical dreamland again. A few posts ago I told you I was searching for my lost creativity and I succeeded by finding it again! I've found a balance between the grown-up world and my fantasies filled with magical thoughts. It still isn't perfect, but I feel happy and wonderful again. Luckily 'lovely swans' is a place where I can be my magical self. Thank you all for experiencing this astonishing world with me. *can't stop smiling*

(btw I'm thinking of making an online zine, what do you think...?)

Feb 3, 2014

Beauty and the Beast

If I had to choose an all-time favourite Disney movie, it would be Beauty and the Beast. I love the fact that I grew up with it, but that I can still enjoy watching it nowadays (even when I'm 19 years old). In fact, my whole family loves this movie. When I was little, my mommy owned a Mrs. Potts teapot, it's such a shame she didn't kept it :(
Since I love the movie so much, I started to collect some lovely items which have to do with the movie and I'm even thinking of a tattoo design of the rose...So exciting!
Anyway, I would like to share some of the magical Beauty and the Beast items.

1. My adorable, little shrine... The little Belle sculpture is from Disneyland Paris and I found the photo frame (including the picture!) in a thrift shop.
2. I found Beast in a thrift shop as well. He looks so tough!
3. Some fake tattoos I ordered online a while ago. I don't know whether to use them or not, since it would be such a shame...
4.Charming Mrs. Potts, surrounded by tiny roses