Dec 19, 2014

90s kids

Hey everyone, some time ago I celebrated my 20th birthday. Even though I hate not being a teen anymore and getting nearer to an age where I'm supposed to be grown-up, I absolutely looooved the party I threw. I've always loved theme parties and this year I thought it was time for a 90s themed party, hurray! So I already started collecting 90s toys and candy in September and on November the 28th, I decorated the room and invited some friends over. It was so wonderful! Many people were dressed up in 90s style clothing, one awesome friend made a one-hour long compilation of 90s clips, tv programs and commercials, we danced to the Macarena, played a game with a fortune teller, had cheesy tattoos from gums and ate A LOT of candy. It was my absolute favorite birthday party ever!
Here are some pics made with a disposable camera :)