Aug 22, 2013

Some pics of me, shot with a disposable camera.
I love the magical look a disposable camera gives to the pictures...

April 2013, Queen's Day, a national holiday in The Netherlands

 July 2013, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Aug 13, 2013


♥ 1. DIY diary. I bought it for like 1 euro and transformed it into my own little kitty diary, with gemstones and my favorite Lana del Rey line ever: 'You like your girls insane'.
♥ 2. This heart-shaped tangle brush reminds me of a giant My Little Pony brush!
♥ 3. Some brooches I'm working on for Lovely Swans Creations.

Aug 4, 2013


I guess I never showed some proper pictures of my tattoos!
Since I love them so much, 
I decided to show them in my own magical way

On my left wrist, this little swallow found his new home.
I love the shading and the fact that he isn't symmetrical, 
since there isn't a single bird that looks just perfect

This spot, just next to the inside of my right elbow, 
turned out to be the perfect spot for my lucky clover.
The lucky clover is sort of a good-luck charm of my family, 
since the four of us love being together, just like the leaves of a clover.
I decided to dedicate this tattoo to my mommy, daddy and little sis', 
because I really love them