Mar 19, 2011

almost spring.
i'm looking forward to it, so i can draw more flowers
and collect flowers and name them.

Mar 14, 2011

i felt a bit sick today,
so i stayed home
and worked on an assignment for art class.
beneath you can see some results.

Mar 9, 2011

some time ago i sent a cute image to my boyfriend, just because i thought it had a lovely message.
but then my boyfriend sent me an even lovelier picture, which he had drawn himself!
i just loved it! look what an amazing artist he is!

i love him so much

© Jessy

Mar 4, 2011

this week i had a very creative week.
i've had a little white deer in my thoughts for a while and it ended up in my notebook this week.
i received my Monki this week and it gave me a bunch of inspiration!
i love the Monki world :) and i created two more shirts with transfer paper this week.
i think they look so adorable! (picture)(picture)