Dec 28, 2011

i hope you all had a wonderful christmas!
a few days ago,
i found this list
with some of my favourite animals.
i wished them all a very merry christmas

Dec 14, 2011

this is a heart i made for my mama.
with golden roses.
and lots of love.
© Fleur Stiels

Nov 29, 2011

last night
a ghost visited me.

it was a deer.

he told me
'don't be afraid of the dark,
tomorrow, the sun will shine again.'

the next morning
the sun smiled at me.

i wasn't scared anymore

Nov 15, 2011

tomorrow's my birthday!!
i'm turning 17, yaaaay!!

Oct 17, 2011

i've been roaming around for quite some time now.
yesterday i made a secret walk through the woods,
but a little fairy traced me and suddenly photographed me!
i tried to hide, but two little owls noticed me.
they were hiding in the woods too, looking for shelter for the cold, cold night.
i couldn't bare leaving them,
so i took them home and spoiled them.

Sep 20, 2011

excuse me for my absence, but it's a busy busy time!
some time ago i went to a theme park
and there was the most beautiful attraction i've ever seen!
it's called 'Droomvlucht' ('Dream flight')
and you can see so many fairies, deers and flowers!
i tried to take some pictures, but the quality is bad...
though, the magic won't dissapear

Aug 30, 2011

i love flowerfields
because they make me happy

Aug 22, 2011

i found this cute little deer in the woods today.
he was howling, but he refused to tell me his name.
he's very polite, though.
i like him :)

Aug 18, 2011

i got the most lovely earrings from my boyfriend

Aug 11, 2011

i love the beautiful miracles of nature
(especially when they appear in my backyard)

Aug 7, 2011

i've spent these previous days
in an enchanting shed
in a magical forest,
surrounded by singing trees,
talking rabbits
and playing squirrels.
and i really loved it.

Jul 30, 2011

oooh, Venice is so beautiful!
i loved the buildings,
the tiny and narrow alleys
and the gorgeous masks.

Jul 8, 2011

above you can see my final art class assignment.
it's an "Ode To Spring".
i'm in loooove with the result, but i'm a bit sad,
because this was my last art class assignment :(
but ofcourse i'll keep creating things! :)

by the way, i will be in Venice for the next two weeks,
but i'll promise that i'll show you a lot of pictures when i'm back!

Jul 5, 2011

i feel like i'm neglecting this blog....
sorry for my loooong absence (again...)
this time i'll keep posting regularly, i promise!

so, i went to Pinkpop and it was sooo amazing! i had the time of my life!
my favourites were the Script, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Eliza Doolittle and Coldplay.
and finally i finished my butterfly wall (i started with this idea a year ago :p)
i think it looks so cute!

Jun 5, 2011

next weekend i will be an
alcohol drinking,
fast food eating,
festival hippy,
because next weekend is Pinkpop!

May 21, 2011

excuse me for my long absence. it was a very busy time and i had to do some things for school.
but i went to london too!
it was amazing,
especially oxford street, hehe :)

May 1, 2011

yesterday was Queensday!

in the morning i went to a flea market and bought a lot of nice things.

in the afternoon i went to eindhoven and danced the rest of the day.

it was an amazing day!