Apr 24, 2011

did a lot of creative things last week.

here are some examples:

made a new headband.

made a little hole in a shell so i could use it as jewelry.

sewed a collar and a little rose on a blue shirt.

Apr 18, 2011

some of my favourite movies at the moment.

Marie Antoinette



Romeo and Juliet

Apr 13, 2011

today, jessy and i have been together for 16 months
and i still love him very,very much ♥
he's my best friend :)

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(note: i wanted to post this post on april 15th, but it accidentally became visible at the 13th)

Apr 6, 2011

i love drawing a deer when i'm wearing my deer sweater :)beneath the deer, a dream i had is written.
i dreamt that i was a male deer and had the most gorgeous antlers ever.
they were made of silver and covered with flowers.
one day, i saw a female deer standing at a blossomtree.
the blossom whirled down, and i fell in love with her.

yesteday i bought two new rings at the market.
recently, i really like rings with stones.
i can draw better when i'm wearing them, maybe because of their 'special powers' haha :) but i would really love to have an eye ring,
just one like the one Florence Welch is wearing in her videoclip of

Apr 3, 2011

very nice things happened previous days.
-went to TEFAF and i was quite impressed. i hope that some day my works will be sold there hehe :)
-bought my ticket for the pinkpop festival in june!
-created new shirts with transfer paper. i will show them soon
-worked on a little part of a new art class assignment

-collected bouquets and dried them