Jan 2, 2011

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when i woke up this morning, i could hear the birds play on the roof.
when i sat on the couch, i could see a squirrel stroll in our backyard.
when i baked cookies, i could smell that delicious smell.

and when i was looking at the snow outside, i realized that this is the 2nd winter my boyfriend and i are together.
and i really liked that thought.


  1. What exquisite photos! The smell of cookies baking is delightful. I have cupcakes in the oven as I type :) Happy New Year to you xx

  2. how lovely! squirrels and birds and cookies :)
    happy new year to you and thanks for stopping by!!

  3. I love the photo of the little birds. Nothing delights me more than hearing a birds song and smelling freshly baked goods coming out of the oven. Thats so sweet about you and your boyfriend too.

    xx Carina

  4. the little birds are so adorable.

  5. congrats then!! :) that´s fantastic ♥ hope you keep spending every winter together!

    have a sweet week, lovely Fleur!!xo

  6. Hihi, Fleur en Jessy al twee jaar!
    You go girl!
    Hoop voor jou ook dat het nog lang mag duren ;-)
    En je hebt weer zulke onwijs lieve foto's, me loves them!
    Tot morgen,


  7. you have such beautiful photo's, ive been going back on your old posts having a look!

    I just have to follow to see what more beautiful pictures you post next!


  8. The glitter and birdie photos are so sweet! Happy winter anniversary!!

    I finally managed to find the tutorial :D http://www.ephotozine.com/article/Photoshop-tutorial-Give-your-images-a-vintage-look-14421 Hope it comes in use!

  9. Aww! That is so cute :) The photographs are beautiful. That's lovely that you've been with your boyfriend for that long xxx

  10. Love these pictures! So lovely. And congrats on you and your boyfriend :)