Jan 10, 2012

i've been working on quite some projects.
i made this lovely headband
with crochet flowers
which i got from my boyfriend hihi
and i rediscovered spool knitting!
i used to do that all the time when i was little.
and now i'm doing it all the time again :)
i made these little roses of felt.
i want to sew all the spool knitted strings together
and then add these roses
it will be a beautiful scarf!


  1. wauw die ziet er super leuk uit!

  2. Spool knitting! I used to mess around with that at my grandparents but never made anything serious. This is lovely though!

    xx Carina

  3. How lovely. :) I'm certain the scarf will look stunning when it is finished.

  4. i am sure it will!
    can't wait to see the finished product ♥
    are you going to post it?
    i hope so!