Sep 8, 2013

I've never introduced you to the (little) love of my life.
This adorable creature is called Flo.
(She's named after on of my heroines: Florence Welch.)
She's almost two years old and she's still living at my parents' house,
so everytime I come home in the weekends, 
I can cuddle her and watch her being extremely cute.

I love her fluffiness and I could never imagine that I would be able to love a hamster this much.
Dear Flo, I sincerely love you


  1. So sweet, I can see why you love her so much. I also completely adore your blog header with those gorgeous little swans

  2. Omgosh, she is absolutely beautiful! And flo's such a cute name :)


  3. Hiii Flo! You are such a cutiepie c: Xx

  4. Why hello there little furry friend. Flo is adorable.