Sep 22, 2014

Holy Glitter Zine
Hello there, my lovelies!
Finally, finally, finally! I've been talking about my idea to start a very own online zine for months now and FINALLY, I've started it! The actual zine isn't there yet (obviously), but I created all kind of social media for Holy Glitter Zine and I already have some people who would love to participate in creating articles, drawings, photographs etc. for the zine. Gotta love other creative souls ❤

 The theme of the first issue will be...

Imagine everything kitschy, sparkles everywhere, magical toys, creatures that you wish would exist, cute stories, magical places to visit, songs which lead you to your own fantasyworld etc. etc.
In short: everything that is kitschy AND magical a.k.a. the most girly teenageworld you've ever thought of! I'm so excited and I've got SO many ideas... My intention is to create a little zine with about ten-paged issues, but with all the ideas that are floating in my mind, I guess it will end up being more of a yearbook hihi ^o^
Also, I would love to have an online shop with items that'll match the atmosphere of the zine. So I already started creating many many items for the shop, so I guess that the Holy Glitter Shop will open soon too! Oh my, so much excitement!

Anyway, I would loooove to hear your thoughts about Kitschy Magic. What would YOU love to see in an issue like that? Tell me your sweetest ideas and ofcourse, everyone can participate. In fact, I would love that! ❤❤Please e-mail me then~!❤❤

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  1. These plans sound amazing! I am already curious about all your plans, especially the webshop.

  2. cool! I'd love to create a photo set for your zine sometime...

  3. Good luck with you zine!

    Corinne x