Nov 30, 2010

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hurray, it is snowing! when i went home yesterday there was snow everywhere.
snow on the ground, snow falling down from the air,
snow on my barret, snow on my nose,
snow in my hair,
snow on my red cheeks,
snow sticking to my eyelashes.
perfect weather for sitting on the couch, drinking tea and knitting, while listening to sia.

by the way, i made a new version of my flower headband.
please compare and say which one you like most.

i think i prefer the new one. yes yes, i do.


  1. Love the 1st shot :)

  2. the new one´s lovely too, but i think i prefer the first one ^^

    it snowed a bit here too two days ago :)
    where do you live, by the way?


  3. I think I prefer the second,
    I awoke to snow today too ♥

  4. Oh oh oh i love the second one! Those roses are eveennn prettier! Glad to hear someone else also appreciates the wintery weather :D

  5. I love the colors of the photos.

  6. haha ja,
    de sneeuw begint nu een beetje vervelend te worden met fietsen, er ligt zo veel dat strooien niet veel zin meer heeft!

  7. Thanks for your lovely comment ;]]
    I do not have pierced his cheek;]]
    This play of light;]]
    Poppy is not my real name;]]
    real name is Claudia;]]

    Love, Poppy xoxo

  8. so lovely! you made it yourself? wow, it's awesome :)

  9. thank you for your lovely comment i like both of them a lot but i think that the second one looks more realistic and sweeter so i think that it purely depends on what you are wearing xx

  10. De tweede is het mooiste, hihi. :) Mooie shots!


  11. both! we want 'em both.
    so, so lovely.

    do you have an etsy?

    - lush