Dec 3, 2010

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never felt so weird.

like i could sleep forever. my arms were heavy and my head went back.
papa carried me in his arms. i opened my eyes a bit and asked him what had happened.
"it'll be okay" he said.
i saw flames flaring up behind papa. something was burning, but i didn't know what was burning.
then papa told me it was our house.
my little sister and momma were dead, but papa didn't care.
then he dropped me and i fell, i fell, i fell...

i woke up. it was just a nightmare.
i think that magic is one of the things that causes nightmares.
but nightmares are bad. so that means an evil magic exists.
watch it.


  1. oh no! i have a nightmare sometimes that a dinosaur is chasing me. haha.

  2. you scared me at the first of the text! :S

    hope you´re feeling okay... and that your next dreams are better than that :)

    sometimes nightmares are so bad that you wake up feeling horrible...

    have a lovely (and peaceful) night my dear ;)


    p.d: how old are you?

  3. ik heb altijd zo'n nachtmerrie dat al mijn vrienden in stukken worden gezaagd ;o
    en ik haal bijna al mijn foto's van of weheartit!
    en dankje voor de reactie!!

  4. Wooooh, eng!
    Ik heb gelukkig nooit nachtmerries, eigenlijk. (komt misschien doordat ik altijd een dromenvanger had XD)
    Ken je dat, dat je een zielige droom hebt en dan helemaal huilend en verdrietig wakker wordt?
    Zooo akelig!

  5. Jaa nachtmerries zijn niet leuk!