Apr 6, 2011

i love drawing a deer when i'm wearing my deer sweater :)beneath the deer, a dream i had is written.
i dreamt that i was a male deer and had the most gorgeous antlers ever.
they were made of silver and covered with flowers.
one day, i saw a female deer standing at a blossomtree.
the blossom whirled down, and i fell in love with her.

yesteday i bought two new rings at the market.
recently, i really like rings with stones.
i can draw better when i'm wearing them, maybe because of their 'special powers' haha :) but i would really love to have an eye ring,
just one like the one Florence Welch is wearing in her videoclip of


  1. I love your drawing. So sweet.

  2. That eye ring would be amaaazing. Your art is lovely xx

  3. I love that dream! I want to pretend to be a deer now. Your drawing is so lovely, he's definitely king of all deers with those antlers :)

  4. Thank-you for the commet my lovely,
    Oh yes! haha I love these rings too xx

  5. Oh my god, I need an eye ring too! It's pure love ( your drawing too :) )

  6. omgg the deer drawing is incredible!i love it. i love those rings too, i'm starting to collect them now even though i don't really wear them haha :)

    hope you'll enter my giveaway!

  7. i agree, the eye ring is freakishly cool!

  8. wauw echt een hele mooie tekening!