Nov 19, 2013

Happy unicorn!

 Last saturday was my 19th birthday! I celebrated it with lots of friends, eating unicorn cake, playing with balloons with animal prints and wearing cute party hats. I had the best birthday party ever!

 And my boyfriend got me the greatest gift EVER! Remember the 3D printed ring I told you about in this post? He got me two more 3D printed rings from The Rogue + The Wolf! Oh I love them I love them I love them!


  1. Nog gefeliciteerd met je 19e verjaardag c:
    Een unicorn cake! Hoe cute en gaaf is dat :P

  2. Super laat maar ik gefeliciteerd!
    Jij lijkt me altijd zo'n leuk persoon. Ik wil ook unicorn taart!

  3. You must have had the best b-day ever ! In love with your cake, decorations ..and those rings ! Found Rogue & wolf some time ago on Instagram and have been a fan ever since. 3D printed ?! COOL. :)

    Thanks so much for the comment! I reply under my own posts if you want to take a peek. But; I hope you found something nice for yourself on H&M Home! I can't wait to get my package already ^^

    Stop by anytime again to say hello / follow xx

    Indie by heart

  4. Wauw! Ik ben niet zo'n ringen persoon maar die ringen zien er echt cool uit!
    En die unicorn cake ook trouwens, jammie!