Jan 3, 2014

The path is blurred

I rested for some time
and now I'm feeling better.
I don't know why,
but the past few weeks
I felt like I couldn't move at all.

Many people, including me,
thought I had to be "an adult".
Therefore, I tried to act like one.
Such a shame...

"Being an adult" destroyed my fantasy.
My creativity trickled right out of me.
I didn't feel like drawing or painting anymore.
Many things I had loved so much, looked so childish.
But "being an adult"
didn't make me happy.

So I made a decision:
I'm not going to change.
This is who I am.
I love being creative.
I love being childish.
I love doing things that make me happy.

So I'm seeking my creativity again.
The path is blurred.
But that doesn't matter.
I will find my way.
And I will stay Fleur.
Just Fleur.


  1. lovely photos <3


  2. love your tatoo :D


  3. Mooi geschreven, ik herken me erin! Je hebt er weer een nieuwe volger bij hihi, liefs!

  4. ik kan niet wachten tot het zomer is en ik ook mijn waterschoenen kan dragen naar school...

  5. Groot gelijk heb je! Je mag nooit je creativiteit en spontaniteit laten onderdrukken! Blijf maar mooi jezelf ;)

  6. Dont't grow up, it's a trap!
    I've been alive for 27 years, but that doesn't mean i act my age, that doesn't mean i should become a typical "adult"....i'm a kid at heart, always will be.,... be you, be true, stay.forever young, don't let them change you!

  7. I remember getting my first pair of jelly sandals at age 9 in Orlando, FL and they were the same color (with glitter!) as yours, which I love. <3

  8. Thank-you so much lovely, sorry for not posting in ages but I am so glad you appreciate my posts and I hope to give you more inspiration in future posts! ❤
    I'm so happy you bought some jelly sandals! They're wonderful aren't they? It's so great they've started making them in adult sizes and in so many different colours!
    BTW I completely understand how you feel about trying to act adult - it really sucks the creativity out of me also, so I'll often watch a Disney movie from my childhood to feel better again! Bringing out your inner child is always so rewarding and liberating.