Feb 28, 2014


Hello there! Another outfit post hihi :) 
I love dressing feminine. I NEVER wear trousers, just because I don't like them. You'll only see me in dresses and skirts. It feels so girly and comfy. And yeah, I just love being a girl :)

 Flower headband!!


Last week I wrote some letters to some of my friends. Having penpals is one of the nicest things ever! Writing letters, decorating them with stickers or putting little presents in the envelope...I just adore it. And oh, the excitement when you come home and you see a shiny envelope on the floor, ready the be opened and to fill the floor with glitter. Just lovely.
I wrote my friends to ask them if they want to participate in creating some neat things for Holy Glitter Zine. I hope they will, because I would like to put other people's creations in the zine.

If you want to participate as well, please send me an e-mail: lovelyswans@gmail.com. More info about the zine will come sooooooon


  1. I love being a girl too! Dressing feminine just makes me feel more alive. The rare times I've worn trousers, I feel like I'm betraying myself. They don't feel nearly as comfortable as skirts and I'd much rather prance around being girly than wear something that doesn't suit my soul.

    You look lovely x

  2. Hand written letters so such a rare treat!

    I love the skirt =)

    Corinne x

  3. mmm, I agree completely with the thought that dresses and skirt are so much more confortable. it just feels nice and freeing. I do wear trousers pretty often, but I tend to gravitate towards more girly things when I can.

    I also love penpals! My penpal is my cousin, which is sort of different and a little less exciting than someone new and mysterious, but my parents are very unwilling to give someone out home address. Still fun though!

    I'm excited to hear more about the zine!


  4. I love having penpals! Writing letters is so much more exciting then emails and whatnot! I love your style and your blog is lovely! :) x


  5. Nice outfit- really like the flower crown and your blog layout